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Otte be retained in office? - 6 Year Term (Nebraska)10 H-66839 D-1 South Pass10 H-53 D4314304333 A9 F-10396432Yankee Hill East435Grant #2434395437392393439 Stevens Creek43859 G-99 G-8=Results provided by the Office of Nebraska Secretary of State09 G-39 G-29 G-19 G-79 G-67849 G-59 G-42 A1715335344134124154145394174164189 F-93269 F-29 F-33229 F-13209 F-49 F-56 A-1County1 A12 B-11 B631150 Middle Creek51312 B-4518Panama868891 D-10 Murdock South12 C-730630412 A-49 A-110 D-410 F-7301 Rock Creek37710 E-7Elk10 B-525730837310 G-41 E-3 West Salt1 E-21 E-512 A-91 E-41 E-710 E-41 E-61 E-96145 C-33791 E-810 G-1 Centerville5 C-11461910 C-7849CCBB  KK??IIRRbbSSVV  _ _ F F v v ) ) p p 2 2 s s B    0  dMbP?_*+%&ffffff?'ffffff?(?)?"dXX333333?333333?U} @ } @}  @@       E   , `^@`@ P `^@`@6@ %z82*>@d   ,O"+4=FOoT  dMbP?_*+%&ffffff?'ffffff?(?)?"dXX333333?333333?U} (} @} @              ,  & F p@W@  O0@a@  H r@]@ 5  s@Z@  Q |@a@    p~@h@     y@[@  p@\@  `x@b@ 7 q@@U@  u@`@  v@Q@  fs@@a@  dr@^@  is@W@ 4 gq@W@ p lu@@U@  jt@_@  qPt@\@  m{@Z@ q 5q@b@  2s@_@ [ 3@g@  mw@]@  Mp@V@ BX82222222222222222222222222 !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?  |@b@  !! t@^@ !\ "_"t@Z@ " ##v@R@ # $$pp@@T@ $ %n%s@U@ % &&@g@@S@ & 'w'q@W@ '\ ((g@G@ (6 ))o@R@ )A **s@@W@ * +y+`e@P@ +0 ,X,t@@`@ ,F -G-z@\@ - ..`x@W@ . //q@L@ /P 00l@D@ 0 11 v@[@ 1F 22t@V@ 2: 33{@[@ 3 44`}@@X@ 4] 55@s@@P@ 5b 6k6{@]@ 6 77`u@@^@ 7A 8]8v@`@ 8{ 9R9w@@[@ 9 ::l@T@ :i ;:; t@P@ ; <9<{@@]@ < =;=u@@W@ =! >?>@]@ >n ?<?u@Q@ ?5Dl2222222222222222222222222222222@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_ @C@}@W@ @X A|Ag@N@ A BBq@Q@ B CCu@W@ C D`Dw@Z@ D EEq@@S@ E FYF0z@W@ FL GrGx@L@ Ga HH`v@@T@ H II v@R@ I JcJs@S@ J KSKp@O@ K< LLp~@@V@ L MlMs@R@ M NN@P@ N OOP@Y@ Ox PtP؅@`c@ Px QQx@\@ Q RR؁@@X@ Rs S S0@R@ S TTu@R@ T U7Uu@W@ U\ VVm@\@ V W=Wp@X@ W XXs@`@ X YzY l@V@ Yc ZZ s@Y@ Z [[l@M@ [ \r\y@b@ \ ]]h@@U@ ] ^T^u@`@ ^ __n@S@ _?Dl2222222222222222222222222222222`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~ ``@@@m@ ` aVaz@ d@ a bNbu@Z@ b cfc|@@d@ cv ddu@S@ d ehes@@Q@ e fGf@t@_@ f gg`p@T@ g hMhu@@V@ h iUis@V@ i jjt@@T@ j kk@d@ k llz@ f@ l mdm0r@^@ m3 nSn@i@ n ooq@_@ o6 pp`t@Y@ p qqq@@Y@ q rur o@T@ rQ s/sr@`d@ sD t-t@v@`@ t u.uk@W@ ue v/vv@^@ v wBwPw@\@ w x@xw@\@ x} y>yg@H@ y0 zHz z& {{@t@b@ { ||@`@A@ | }}r@@`@ } ~~pt@e@ ~ t`k@U@ TDl2222222222222222222222222222222 ol@^@  '0t@Z@  #t@U@  !pv@L@ 9 &w@X@  %r@O@  *u@Y@ ^ )0|@I@  Dv@g@  wv@g@ v 4v@U@ \ 1v@\@  K0r@_@ 8  t@ `@  Vu@[@  @f@Q@   u@ a@  Wp@]@  +`l@\@  v@a@    o@V@ L v@W@ D {@X@ p  y@U@  {@@P@  @z@Z@ 1 l@@S@ a q@S@  =`y@]@  >v@@]@ J Bu@W@ Z C`t@``@ Dl2222222222222222222222222222222 ;m@Q@ a ){@P@  (t@W@  'r@@T@ \ .v@Y@ I -t@U@ 5 +s@@R@ \ *q@@R@  $0x@U@  #t@T@ 4 `|@Q@  v@S@ ! 0t@T@  v@V@  0q@P@  w@S@ _ t@P@  0{@V@  gl@@S@ Z spw@_@   & @g@ , ^r@V@   @@ u Ey@[@ N ^@>@ J 0y@W@ } $ & (@^@ o Kq@[@  RV@9@ 8 @}@_@ Dl2222222222222222222222222222222@ ~?@ " b0s@^@  Om@@S@ h [`l@@S@ U Yr@@P@  Wz@]@ 2  q@R@   `h@O@ ` "p@N@ k `o@\@  jx@ `@  y@@^@  ePu@`@ J `@E@ 0 @]@ I `^@`@6@ %&z@222222222222222*>@d