Nebraska Secretary of State John A. Gale

Nebraska Secretary of State Election Results

John A. Gale

Official Results: Primary Election - May 15, 2018

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Last Updated: 6/11/2018 4:37:48 PM

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North Platte Natural Resources District For Board of Directors - Non-Partisan

899446046300NON Subdistrict 0110
NON Party Joshua R. Smith 52410.15%
NON Party Steven L. Dolberg 94118.22%
NON Party Ryan Reuter 1,54729.95%
NON Party Sam Summerville 98018.97%
NON Party Trevor J. Schneider 1,17322.71%
 Total Votes5,165100%  

Banner County

Precincts Reporting: 2/2 
Precincts Partially Reporting: 0/2
858994300 202
NON Party Joshua R. Smith 2515.06%
NON Party Steven L. Dolberg 3521.08%
NON Party Ryan Reuter 2917.47%
NON Party Sam Summerville 3722.29%
NON Party Trevor J. Schneider 4024.10%
 Total Votes166100%  

Garden County

Precincts Reporting: 5/5 
Precincts Partially Reporting: 0/5
778994300 505
NON Party Joshua R. Smith 11321.16%
NON Party Steven L. Dolberg 5810.86%
NON Party Ryan Reuter 11822.10%
NON Party Sam Summerville 8816.48%
NON Party Trevor J. Schneider 15729.40%
 Total Votes534100%  

Morrill County

Precincts Reporting: 10/10 
Precincts Partially Reporting: 0/10
648994300 10010
NON Party Joshua R. Smith 539.01%
NON Party Steven L. Dolberg 8113.78%
NON Party Ryan Reuter 17329.42%
NON Party Sam Summerville 7112.07%
NON Party Trevor J. Schneider 21035.71%
 Total Votes588100%  

Scotts Bluff County

Precincts Reporting: 31/31 
Precincts Partially Reporting: 0/31
218994300 31031
NON Party Joshua R. Smith 3258.56%
NON Party Steven L. Dolberg 76220.08%
NON Party Ryan Reuter 1,21932.12%
NON Party Sam Summerville 78220.61%
NON Party Trevor J. Schneider 70718.63%
 Total Votes3,795100%  

Sioux County

Precincts Reporting: 3/3 
Precincts Partially Reporting: 0/3
808994300 303
NON Party Joshua R. Smith 89.76%
NON Party Steven L. Dolberg 56.10%
NON Party Ryan Reuter 89.76%
NON Party Sam Summerville 22.44%
NON Party Trevor J. Schneider 5971.95%
 Total Votes82100%